Tuesday, 5 February 2013

past times, microphones and popeye

It's been over a week since I last wrote a post for this blog. Now this may be petty and a little OCD, but it irritates me because i've now broken my chain of writing a post at least once a week. I am one day late..I also feel a little guilty that i've let it slip, because I know i've not been writing out of laziness. I could say that i've been focusing on playing guitar a lot recently, and therefore neglected college work and blogging, but that would be a lie; as I just said, i've been lazy, sitting around not really doing much.

On a side note, I do feel that i'm regaining the social aspect of my life! Which for me, is very important. I knew it would happen at some point, I guess I was just disappointed at the pace it was happening.

I said earlier that it'd be a lie if I said i've been focusing on guitar a lot lately, this would also be a bit of a lie too..recently, i've been working on doing a bit of recording, since I found out that my cheap £10 webcam with an inbuilt microphone can do fairly good recordings of my acoustic guitar, and also, my electric guitar through my amp, even with a fairly high amount of distortion, which really does amaze me! For such a cheap device, I wouldn't expect a great video quality, and to be fair, it is about average, but the audio just astounds me! It really does please me, as this opens up more opportunities for me as a solitary musician; I can now use it to record any compositions of mine, to accompany the written explanation of how to play said piece. I can also use it as a looping device, to play the lead guitarists part of a song on repeat while I learn the other guitarist's parts.
Over all, I can use it to show myselfthe achievements I have made  by either learning to play a song or making a composition of my own!

Anyway, another thing I wanted to mention on this post was popeye! Me and my parents were discussing it over it over supper and it brought memories flooding back in. Usually, with things such as this (children's cartoons that you would have watched at a young age) I don't have any interest, as they are a  thing of the past; I can look at it and muse "oh I remember watching that" without much emotional input, but when I thought about popeye, I remembered it with joy, about how ridiculous it is and how enjoyable it was and still is to watch! It is just due to personal feelings of it, not any particular great aspect of the show itself.

On the same topic, I have also been looking back recently at the 'see friendship' button on my facebook, looking back at the times that I would say my life really began to take proper shape. I look back and see the mistakes i've made, the annoying person I have been, the odd person i've been, but over all, the friendships i've had and some that are still going since those 1-2 years ago. To reference only the people that I am still in contact with, for some, it shows how my friendship with them has always been tricky, but then there are the people that have really remained the same kind of friend throughout all this time, and have not faded away from me.
I cannot even begin to express the feelings of joy and wonder I got from reading these posts from the past, and memories that flooded back in from those past times.
If you are one of those people concerned in this last paragraph (you should know if you are or not!) then I thank you dearly for all the times that we have shared, you mean a great deal to me!

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