Friday, 18 October 2013


I've been 18 for around two weeks now. Does it feel particularly different? No not really, other than buying alcohol is easier and I can go out drinking with friends. I don't smoke, so buying cigarettes isn't an issue.

For my 18th, I went out to the pub for the first time with five of my friends. I was planning to have quite a few people come out, but at the time, many people were either busy, or they had gone off to university. This is obviously ignoring those that hadn't turned 18 yet. I think it was a good night out, but I have many nights out in the future to compare it to, so I shall see if I decide against this in the future.
One of the people that I was going out with came to my house earlier on in the night after they finished work, dropped their bike off at mine for the night, as they were sleeping round mine that night. We then ate supper with my family and then she had a shower, meanwhile I got ready to go out. I say got ready, but all I really did was have a look through my wardrobe looking for a suitable T-shirt to wear with my faux leather jacket.
I had not really planned out the evening itself, other than we would start off in Weatherspoons for predrinks, then head wherever we wanted. This was because it was student night, so therefore drinks were cheaper, which is always a good thing when it comes to drinking out; it's expensive.
After we got ready, my dad gave us a lift in town and we met one person outside the pub at around 9 o'clock. We headed in and grabbed a drink, I started with a pint of cider as it's never a good idea to start off heavy..the weekend would be clear evidence of this...
Anyway, we started drinking around 9 o'clock and then after a while, I think about half an hour later, another of my friends showed up. He was not drinking that much that night, as he had his practical driving test the next day, but we headed down to the bar and picked up a drink, another one in my case. This time, I moved on to the spirits, as I was too tempted by a whiskey and coke not to give it a shot (haha).
A little while later, the other two people I had organised to meet turned up. In addition, one of my friends bumped into a friend they met in the pub a little a while back, and he joined us at our table too.
In the end, we ended up staying in Weatherspoons for a lot of the night, more time than I expected we would. Eventually however, we left, at about 12 o'clock, and headed off to get some food at a takeaway. My friend that was taking his practical test also left at this time, and from there we went off to the clubs.
We didn't spend too much time around there, and at around 1.30, me and the friend that was sleeping round mine started walking home. I had drunk quite a lot and was not very sober, very drunk infact, but there was still a little bit of room to be worse.
Here was where the night went wrong. They were in a mood for some reason; I asked them what was wrong and they didn't answer. They were also walking quite fast, so with all this taken into account, given my drunken state, I started to get the feeling that they were trying to get away from me. Soon this was really ticking me off, and eventually I gave up on trying to keep up with them and sat down on a bench by myself for a while. Eventually I realized that it was quite late, and thought I should get back in time to have some rest before college in the morning. As I was walking down the lane that I live in, I saw a bike driving past me. I assumed this would be her heading off home, and lo and behold, when I returned home, her bike was gone.
This was a mistake on both our parts, I assumed things wrongly, and her ignoring me made me make those assumptions. I found out after that she had decided to ride home as she had no clue when or if I would return. Despite all this, the fact remains that she drove home most likely beyond the alcohol limit. I remember on the way home that she said something along the lines of "I've been sober for the last hour and a half, which to my memory was a fairly accurate statement. I know it's not entirely my fault for this, as she was the one who made the decision to ride home, knowing the fact that she had been drinking recently, but I still feel bad for it, as if something had happened, I would be partially to fault. Luckily, she got home safely, and we cleared everything up on sunday.

I managed to get up the next morning for college, which was surprising, given that I got home at around 3 A.M. and was woken up by my alarm at 6.30 in the morning! I woke up with a hangover; it wasn't my first, but generally it seems that I don't usually seem to get hangovers much, until now, which is a very fitting time to start. It wasn't so bad, when I get hangovers, it seems that I don't get headaches, so that's half the problem sorted.
That morning I was not feeling like I was going to throw up at all, despite apparently looking a tad green on the bus according to my friends. I survived the day at college just about, being just about coherent in the first two lessons, but I perked up by the time my third and last lesson began.
After hanging around at college for a while with people, I then took the early bus home to get things, such as drink and food ready for my party.
Yes, I held a party, for 10 people, the day after my first night in town. Crazy right?

All but one person that came were from my college. Him, and two of the people from college I have known for around two or so years, but the rest were new friends, that I had only met about a month before.
It was an..interesting party to say the least, in which many people got much drunker that they should have, me included, but it's fine. Despite how messy we all were, I think it's justifiable as it was an 18th birthday party.
I met everyone coming off the college bus at around 5.30, and then we hung around in town for a while. I had it in my mind that we should get to mine at around 7 or so, eat, then start drinking at around 8, so the party doesn't end too quickly. I arrived home a little early with a few people, then most people turned up at around 7. We started drinking about 15 minutes after people had arrived. I personally didn't start this, but someone started drinking, and slowly the rest of us followed suit. It would have been alright, were it not for the excessive amount of spirits that we had brought between us.

This is a picture of most of the alcohol we took with us, and there was at least 10 more cans of cider out of this picture.

The spirits were the reason that the night was so messy, most people that went, me included, remember it in chunks so the next day, we recollected all that happened as a group. We would certainly not have learned so much about it otherwise.
So much happened that night. I would write all about it here, but some of them might not want people to know, and also it would take a lot of time to write out..but I will share these stories about my actions though.

To start off with, I should say what I was drinking that night. When we started at 7, the first drink I made myself was a double shotted whiskey and coke, then another, and another. Then came the many can probably now see why I got so drunk; I went in hard, waaaaaay too early.
When I picked someone up from the train station at 10 o'clock, drunk (I barely remember leaving the house), I somehow managed to walk to the station with a roughly sober person, and on the way back, I almost got run over, by a police car. This apparently turned out fine, with them just asking if I was okay and my friends explained the situation to them. I'm pretty surprised that I managed to walk to the station, given that I was in that state.
Also, a while before this, I remember needing to use the toilet while I was in the lounge, and instead of walking to the toilet, I said "I won't make it" and pissed off my balcony. I would have regretted this were it someone else's house.
Then to cap the night off, apparently I passed out at around 11 o'clock and kept waking up and falling asleep throughout the night.

Here is a picture someone took of me passed out

In the morning, I woke up still slightly drunk, to find one of my friends wearing a towel round his waist. The explanation to this was he somehow pissed himself..this worried and confused me quite a bit, however it was still pretty funny too. People that went to the party aren't going to forget that happened, for quite a while.
Shortly, I went around clearing away some empty bottles, and in this process I found some ones with alcohol still in them, so I decided to keep drinking.
A little later on, I went up to my room and hung out with some people that had taken the initiative to sleep in my bed the previous night. I wouldn't blame them, it's a really comfortable bed as I have two mattresses. Anyway, we were in my room, and we decided to do more shots of vodka, drunkenness continued.

People slowly started leaving my house in the morning and only a few people were left by the afternoon. I sobered up around two or three o'clock and cooked up some bacon, which is the best food to eat after drinking!

As mentioned before many times, this was a very messy party, but despite that fact, nothing bad happened, just embarrassing things. I was impressed by this, because with all that happened, there was a high risk that something could have gone wrong.
It was a pretty good party, despite the embarrassment; I feel that because it was an 18th party, I am excluded from regret. Well I say that, there are one or two things I regret, only because it involved hurting others by accident.

To finish this post off, I will include a picture from the night, in which every interesting or funny event that happened that night is captioned. A lot of probably won't make sense to people that weren't there, but still I feel it gives a rough idea of what happened. Most of the captions are placed over the person they make reference to.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013


This will be my last post before I am 18 tomorrow!
For my 18th, I am going out to the pub with a few friends, then the next morning I will have to get up at around 6.30 for college. I expect it will be quite hard to manage. Not only that, the next night I will be hosting a party at my house, so I will need to make sure I’m not too tired!

I can’t really say that I did much today, on my last day of being 18..I pretty much just had an average day of college, and planned out the next two nights a bit.
I have to say, I don’t expect there will be much difference between being 17 and 18, like it is with any birthday, other than I can legally buy alcohol and other things.
Which in turn will probably mean that some friends will sometimes want me to buy cigarettes and booze for them sometimes, which I will be happy to do so, as long as they are someone I am willing to buy for, it isn’t too much effort to do so, and finally, that they give me money to do so.

I know writing this had absolutely no point, as I don’t have much to write about, but I felt I should do one last post.

My next post will probably be moaning about feeling like shit on saturday, but then again, i'm setting myself up for it.