Sunday, 17 February 2013

Holiday post no.3

The third day of the holiday went great. It started off with a lie in till 10 o'clock (probably one of the few lie ins I will have this week) which was nice start to the day, even if it did take up some time that could have been used for skiing. After having breakfast and getting dressed, we eventually got out by about 12 o'clock. This wasn't too late, as the ski lifts stop running at about 5 in the afternoon, so we still got a lot of skiing done.
We did some 'proper' skiing today, by that I mean that we went properly up the mountain, rather than piddle about on the nursery slopes. Looking back at the end of the day, I am glad that we did not go up the mountain yesterday, as today showed us that we were definitely not ready yet. However I am not saying that we fared badly today, but that we needed the practice. I say this as I feel that we as a family, have really retained a lot of skill since the last time we went skiing.

We first headed up the mountain and then took one further up and skied around for a while, going up and down the mountain. But then we went up to a chairlift that goes over the top of the mountain which has an absolubtly amazing view as you go over the top. I attempted to take a picture as the chair was at the top, but I didn't manage to do so in time. Over the other side of the mountain, we did some more skiing, but the main difference was that we went much higher up the mountain. This proved to be quite cold, as it was obviously more windier up there, and also the slopes were steeper, so we were going much faster. The cold didn't really affect me, except for my ears; I expect this will be my only problem with the cold in this week, but I will see if I can find a way to keep my ears warm on the slopes.
After a while we took the chairlift back over the mountain top, and on the way over, I managed to get a good picture of the view.

After this we continued skiing for a while, and at around 4 ish, my dad went back home because he was fairly tired out from the day. Me and my mum continued skiing for about an hour or so. At this time, the slopes were really busy, as people were heading back to their homes/apartments. This started to really get on my nerves as it took the fun out of skiing, as a lot of the snow was already quite icy, that was fairly worrying, but then I also had to worry about the multitude of people coming down the hill and those people stopped in the middle of the slopes. These two factors caused me to have to contiunally stop and therefore add to the problem.
Some of the parts of the runs today were out of the sun, which along with the fact that made it likely there would be icy snow, but also you could not see the surface of the snow very well, and therefore not really be able to see bumps there are.

This is a picture of me in some skiwear, excuse the face

There wasn't that much to say about today, because mostly it would be just repeating myself saying 'we skied down this slope'
On a note, I am happy with the fact that I have kept up with posting a daily just to transfer this effort to the college work I have been set for the holiday..

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