Saturday, 16 February 2013

Holiday post no. 1

Welcome to the first post about my weeklong trip to France! I say my first post because I intend to do a post at the end of every day or possibly some of the days blog while I am up on the mountain! (Isn't portable technology such a wonderful thing?) but I might not get round to doing so.

The date is 15/02/2013 and it is currently 11 minutes past 9 (pm) in France. We have been travelling since around 10 in the morning (England time, gmt). We first drove up to London to catch our coach into France, which took a while, but it is nothing compared to the time that the coach journey takes. As it currently stands, we are about 8 hours into the journey, with 9 or so more hours left! So far, the coach journey hasn't been too boring, but the only problem has been sitting down. Cramp has not been a problem, as there is a fairly nice amount of room, but a sore ass is the main issue as you can probably imagine! I think we are soon stopping at a service station.for to pick up some food for dinner, but this will probably be the last stop for a long while. I think the hardest part of the journey has passed though, as soon everyone will probably go to sleep for the night (except the drivers of course!)

We just pulled in at the service station that we planned to get some food at, but to no we pulled in, the driver announced that it looked like since the last time he was here, it has been demolished! And we could see the evidence with all the barricades around. So we are now driving for another 20 or so minutes to the next service station we can find.

Just had a 40 minute break at the service station, nothing out of the ordinary really, if anything, it was worse than a similar style service station in the UK. But now we're filled up and ready for the rest of the journey, I think I might do a bit of reading now, then go to sleep in a little while; and so I finish off the first blog post.

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