Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Holiday post no.5

Today was brilliant. In terms of where we skied, that was nothing new, as we mostly covered runs that we have been down already in the last two days; but the new feature was jumps.
I don't really remember ever trying jumps when I was younger, except for one time that I remember clearly: I tried a fairly large jump, probably too big for my height at that time and as I went into the air, I lost balance completely and came crashing down on my back. Nothing bad really happened from this incident, but I think that I remember it because I was so young at the time.
This was the last time I remember doing a jump while skiing..until today. I broke some new ground I feel, as I did my usual thing of hurtling down the piste in relative control, but then when I found ones that I was happy doing, I took many opportunities to try out jumps. It came quite naturally doing jumps it seems, I wouldn't say I landed them gracefully..but I managed fairly daunting looking ones without crashing, so it's good enough for me!
Here is a video of me going over a jump, it isn't that great I know, but I think that I landed better on the other jumps I did.

If you read my post from yesterday, then you will have seen where I mentioned about how my confidence will get the best of me. Well, today it did. I had my first proper fall, it wasn't at all bad, I just fell over and one of my skis came off. It happened because I was a little!  bit cocky, as at the top of a slope, I went over a small ish jump, which was fine, but then after that there was a succession of two smaller ones. I think what happened was that I messed up the landing of the first jump, then decided to continue with the second one anyway and wiped myself out. But anyway there you have it; the first fall of few (hopefully).

Also, tonight there was a display on, where first a couple of skiers armed with parachutes went down the mountain and took off then floated around for a while. This wasn't that interesting, but this was only the start. After this, about 100 or so skiers with torches skied down 'la face', the run that I also mentioned in my last post. This was amazing as I can't imagine skiing at night, let alone down such a tricky run! After this there were fireworks to finish it off. It did not last that long, but it really was a wonderful sight. I managed to get a picture of the skiers going down the mountain, but it wasn't that good quality as it was night.

I haven't got any specific pictures from today, but just an assortment of images that I took in a panic when I suddenly realised that I hadn't taken any today when I was up on the mountain. So here are said pictures:

A view of Val-d'iser from one of the surrounding mountains

A picture of the town from the nursery slopes

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