Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Holiday post no.6

Today wasn't the greatest of days, not a bad day, just a bit off. It started off with me waking up in the morning in a pretty shitty mood, because of some dreams I had that seemed quite realistic. They linked in with some things i've been thinking about lately, it's just feelings and stuff like that about someone; i'm not going to go into it here however. The dreams were just imaginations of me doing stupid things and said person making it obvious that it will not work. These thoughts transferred into my awoken mind and made me feel yet more hopeless in this situation. Either way, this was not what I was supposed to be writing about, i'm on holiday, it's supposed to be an enjoyable time! Besides, I would consider myself to be lucky to be here on holiday, I should count my blessings.

Anyway this was only the start to the day. After this, I went up the slopes with my mother to have a shared lesson for 2 hours. As you can guess, I was not particularly in the mood for a lesson, but I felt that it would be good to get skiing as it would distract me and possibly cheer me up.
In the end, the lesson went very well, it was not necessary for me but helped me improve my technique well. I enjoyed this, as it was obviously helped and also because we were being taught by a friend of my uncle that we know fairly well. During this, my mind was still at little active but I took no notice of it.
After this, we met my dad at the top of the mountain and had lunch. But then after this, my skiing turned to shit. Suddenly it seemed that my technique was just not there,  I was skiing worse than during the lesson, and even before that. This lasted for a couple of hours and really irritated me. On the run down, I seemed to recover a fair bit of technique, which was good, just a little too late. A little bit before this, I realised what I was doing wrong, what I was missing and I think this helped me improve for the last hour of skiing.

I also left taking pictures a bit late again today, I also was a bit lazy due to my irritated mood so I only took one because my dad pointed out a view that would make for a good photo and I forced myself to bother.

On a positive note, now that I am back in the apartment i'm in a better mood, I should probably use this time to get work done though, so i'm going to leave the post here. It's a bit of a shame that today's post wasn't especially happy, but tomorrow should hopefully be much better!

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