Friday, 28 December 2012


Last night, my mother decided we should go on a family trip to the cinema, as we haven't done any family activity in a while (well you could count christmas..but i'm referring to something solely between me, my mum and dad). We decided to see Skyfall, but when we drove into town, we saw that the film was booked up. So my mum then suggested that we watch Life of Pi. This I wasn't too keen on watching, but I thought that i'd humour my parents and watch it with them.

Before I start writing about it, for those that don't know about it or haven't seen it, it follows the conversation between two men, one looking for a story to write about, and one dictating his amazing, unbelievable life story to that man. Most of the film is the story being told, but there are breaks when the two men share comments about it. I had an offer a while ago to see it with some friends of mine, but I said that I wouldn't be that interested in the film. The reasons for this was that from the trailer, it didn't intrigue me that much. From the trailer, I saw that visually, nature was going to be a big part of the film. As wonderful as it looked, this just did not entice me, and I didn't get much sense of storyline from the trailer either, so over all, I wasn't particularly wanting to watch it.

However, I take it all back. It was a wonderful film. I found the natural aspect of it amazing, and the story line, well that didn't interest me that much, but it was reading in between the lines of the story that I found fascinating. I found that the film was a wonderful exploration of the human conscience, looking at emotion, beliefs and other such things. I found myself constantly judging the character throughout the start of the film; I felt that he (Pi) in his young days was foolish, mainly due to his many religious beliefs and utter trust in the gods. This seemed to have made reality an illusion to him, making him forget what nature and the world is like. After he is nearly hurt by a tiger, because he gets too close to the cage when he is feeding it, trusting the tiger to be careful when taking the meat from his hand. He is saved by his father, who then teaches him a lesson about reality, and sense. He doesn't directly attempt to discourage his son from believing, but Pi takes his fathers teachings in, and slightly loses his trust in religion. This in turn takes his fascination out of life, and everything that before fascinated him becomes a bore. This made me stop and think, as this is one of the ways that am happy about religious beliefs, when to the individual, it provides fascination about the world they would otherwise not have. I also found there was another part in the story where I found similar, but I won't reveal too much of the story. I could probably go on for hours about individual parts of the story, and what they made me think, but I'm going to keep this post relatively short.

The end of the film I found fascinating, as I could put myself in the shoes of the man looking for a story, as I before have been in a situation where I was amazed at and moved by something I can't even begin to understand. This is a wonderful feeling.

So yeah, It's not the best film about, it has slightly magical elements to it which I would say detracts from It's quality but the way it made me think turned my mind around completely. That aspect made it great.
See for yourselves!

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