Wednesday, 19 December 2012


I've been slacking more than usual lately. On many things; school work, sorting out christmas presents and as you may notice, blogging.
It really is a guilty pleasure, one of those things you love to do but hate yourself for allowing yourself to give in to laziness.
My recent spate of slacking, I am however quite content about; often, when bunking off work that needs to be done I spend time unwisely, by doing computer related activities such as gaming or using social media, or I just sit around doing nothing, because it feels better than doing the required task! This irritates me so much, as I haven't really gained much in terms of creativeness, learning or even enjoyment; the time simply is wasted and is lost.
Recently, I have been playing a lot more guitar in my free time, with it being almost my most favoured activity to spent free time.
This makes me happy, as to get more into playing has been a long term aim for me for a while now. To me, this makes slacking so much more acceptable!

To summarize;
>learn to play an instrument/ play the instrument you can play/ do whatever creative activity you enjoy and can do
>bunk off current tasks that need to be done
>enjoy the free time and relax in your bubble of accepted laziness

You know you want to..!

P.S. I wrote this on my phone, so give me some slack if I've made any spelling mistakes.

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