Friday, 4 January 2013

Unexpected topic

I'm going to try and steer away from the obvious topic that you would expect me to write this post about. It's a new year, everyone is making resolutions and such. A friend of mine has said similar things on their blog, but i'm going to talk about my point of view anyway. 
New years resolutions are quite fake in a way, they are almost done out of tradition, rather than actual concern. Think about it, if said change was that important to you, then you would be trying to make it happen already, rather than waiting for the traditional time of change. However some people who state that they have new years resolutions, aren't saying it for reasons I just mentioned, but because they already are trying to sort out their resolution, but merely go along with everyone else and say it is a new years resolution to be part of a conversation. This is fine, but the only issue with this is that they really should have described with a more correct title. I feel I am in this category.
I am going to end this section of the post, as well, it isn't that interesting; isn't everyone talking about the new year at the moment?

I'm going to write about something musical instead. On a side note, I just stopped writing for a couple of minutes to order a poster of a band I like. It's quite impressive, the band is called TesseraCt, so their logo is quite obvious, it's the shape itself. The poster though is quite cool, it is their logo behind a space themed background. I may as well just put up a picture to show you, as it's probably quite hard to imagine just from a written description.
                                                For six quid, I would say this is a bargain.

Anyway, now to continue writing. I've had my electric guitar for about 3 months now, i'm surprised how accustomed to it i've become, considering how i've played the acoustic guitar for at least two years. They are two very different instruments to play. I sometimes think to myself that I generally enjoy music involving electric guitars more than acoustic music. In all honesty, this is a lie, depending on the mood, I can enjoy acoustic music much more than rock or metal that I would usually listen to.
This makes me a little disappointed in myself, as all the time when I played nothing but the acoustic guitar, I never got round to either doing pieces involving other people, or composing my own music. But now that I have my electric, I feel much more inclined to do both. I've been planning on doing both recently and hopefully sometime this year I should get round to achieving both things. I already have plans to have a bit of an acoustic jam with a friend at some point, hopefully a little while after I am finished with my january exams.

For most of the time i've been writing this post, i've been listening to an acoustic artist called Beth Orton. Her  music is a mix of folk music and trip-hop beats, which sounds great, she also has a great voice! I would suggest you give her a listen. 

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