Sunday, 9 December 2012


I've had a fairly good weekend, considering how off i've been feeling this week, but then again, all things pass with time.
So yeah, it's been a fairly good weekend for me; I didn't really get much done, as per usual but mainly, but the fact it's been normal is good. On saturday I went into town and saw some friends. Among those friends I saw, I also met up with the person I wrote a shoutout about a couple of posts ago, and her friend, which is great seeing as I hadn't seen them for a long time. I later that evening I returned home and spent most of the night doing homework, which for me is a rare occurrence, seeing as i'm so easily distracted (on that note..I should really be getting on with some other work but I felt like blogging instead..). Well, that was my saturday.
Today was a lazy day a home for me. I had a good lie in till about 11 o'clock, then got up and had a shower. After this, I proceeded to play guitar till about 2, even though I knew I should start getting down to completing assigned homework and additional revision. So I eventually got down to working, and got a fair way through the work, and even managed a little bit of extra work, which i'm happy about. Still, I kept to my usual expectations, of getting distracted to the point that I completely stop work, but oh well, I still managed a little bit of revision.
However, I feel that my main achievement of this weekend is happiness. Due to recent events, i've been feeling a bit rough, and my minds been in a bit of a mess. But I feel i've made progress on that; pretty much, I feel i've started to let go of the feelings that I think have been keeping me shackled. I find this fact great, as it leaves me open once again to find the right person for me, and most importantly, I can be more content and this will pave the way to the friendship with said person eventually restarting, after the break that I caused.
This progress I feel is partially down to the few friends i've talked to about this, the ones who have made comments on the whole event and suggested what I should to repair the damages made by my error. I'm in debt to these people. So if any of you are by chance reading this; thank you ever so much!

Now I should probably return to my maths work..i'm currently working on differentiation. I despise it. Admittedly, it's a relatively new subject to me, but anyway, I have an exam containing a fair amount of this topic coming up, and well, most of it I have no clue what to do.
Do you see my concern now about how easily I am distracted?

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