Sunday, 16 December 2012

Didn't really know what to write about..

A couple of days ago (this friday to be precise) I went to a local gig, held at the Royal British Legion in my town. It was done for charity, with mostly new, upcoming local artists playing. It was also a cheap event to go to, which is a common thing for local music events, which I feel is a great thing, as stops them from being something only accessible to the rich. The cheap entry fees are also understandable as they are set according to how well known the playing artists are. This does go to say that good music cannot be found; for the price of the events, often local gigs are amazing in terms of the music played. The reason that these events happen is partially also due to the artists themselves; there are many new or upcoming artists out there that have a great amount of skill personally, or combined as a band and these artists need an audience to play to, who will most likely spread the artist's music to other people they know.
The reason I decided to write about this subject is partially due to the title...but also because I find it amazing, the amount of musical talent that there is around you, which is unannounced. It makes me glad that music thrives in local communities, as well, for me it's one of the most respectable and note worthy hobbies a person can have. 

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