Sunday, 31 March 2013


I'm late. Missed my weekly blog post by two days so I feel that I should get writing! I have no idea what to write about so I think the topic will come as I write..

I'm now in the Easter holidays. We broke up a couple of days ago on Thursday. On that day, we had a half day, so we finished at 12. A friend of mine had organised a trip out to a curryhouse nearby the school for lunch so I went there with about 15 other people from my college. I had a good meal there, but I think in terms of spice, I overshot the mark. I chanced a lamb madras, which as I expected..would be a little to hot. This isn't to say I didn't like the food though, it was a pretty decent curry and I just powered through it. There was some funny banter that occurred during that meal, most if it involving me. As this was a 'lads' curry lunch, it was awkward that me and a friend unwittingly chose to sit at a table for two. As I said, the banter that went on because of this was pretty funny, but still good humored though.

On a completely unrelated note, I've been ill recently hence why I haven't said that I've been doing much lately. It's not really bothered me too much, I can deal with the sore throat side of it, but having a runny nose is extremely annoying. When the cold was bad, it seemed I needed to use a tissue every two seconds, which as you can imagine, means your nose gets sore quite quickly! I've almost recovered by now which is good.   Either way, I can't complain about this at all, considering how in this time, one of my close friends was being evicted from the rented accommodation, for seemingly no reason, and also, without being giving enough notification (a month) to make the house owner's actions legal. They are now currently staying at various friends houses until the council find them somewhere to live. I feel for them so much, especially considering the past that they have had, and the effect that it has had on where they have lived. I think I've done all that I could to help well I hope so at least, because they are rather a dear friend to me and in situations such as these I feel I should help out, considering my better living conditions.
My main hope though is that things just even out for them soon as they've had enough things to make their life unstable as it is.

I also just realised I usually write like this, thinking that I haven't written in a little while so feeling the need to, and then just rambling on about what I've been doing lately and what I'm thinking about at the time. While I see nothing wrong with that, it would be interesting to get friends to suggest  particular topics to blog about. It would probably make it more interesting for that friend to read too. I think it may help my blog posts be structured well too, because at the moment, the organisation can be pretty shambles (this post is a good example of this! )

This holiday should be a good one, as soon, I am going to hopefully get to catch up with a load of friends and also, in two or so weeks time, I will be going to two gigs, very close to each other (one on the 9th and 11th). I'm very excited for this, the first gig will be good, and It's in my hometown too! It's a pretty rare thing for any good gigs to be held in our city hall, so this was one of the incentives to get a ticket for it.
I think that the best gig will be the second one will be the second one though. It is a little further away (about 45 minutes by train) but I will be staying at a friends house there for the night along with another two friend that is coming, so transport is not an issue. The other people that are coming are my current crush (who you would probably know I have mentioned in so many of my previous posts) and her sister. The interesting thing is that, counting her sister out, all three of us went to a gig together last November in London. There's this, and then also the fact that by now me and my crush have become gig buddies, considering how many shows we've been to see together. Most of them local, but still, the point stands.
I really should finish this blog post up now, considering that It's 2:42 in the morning..but oh well, It's the holidays at least so late nights are alright!

I have decided to continue my blog on for a little while today, just to briefly describe my day.
Today was Easter day, so me and my family went to my uncles house in the country to meet a load of my mothers side of the family. So pretty much, as usual they put on a great meal worthy of being described as a feast. So for most of the afternoon I've found myself drinking and eating myself to a standstill! So yeah, its been a fun afternoon!

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