Saturday, 9 March 2013

Bad results

I haven't really written for a while now, it seems that i'm slipping into the post regularity that I suggested in my   first post; writing a post once a week, mostly at the weekend. I'm not too bothered about this, as sticking to this kind of schedule may help me keep me working hard at college work.

Considering my january exam results I expect that hard work will be very much needed if I am to have any good results by the end of this academic year. As I just suggested, yes I did badly in the january exams. I managed to get a C in general studies, which is okay but i'm not too bothered about considering how many universities do not even count the UCAS points from this subject in their applications. This is where the okay results stop; in chemistry I got an E (which is pass but only just) and I failed maths with a U.

I honestly did not expect to do well in maths, as I found the paper incredibly difficult compared to all the other past papers I did before it, however I didn't expect to get such a bad grade. These exam results weren't the most surprising though, as chemistry I was much more surprised by. I think that it was the difficulty exam itself that caused me to do so badly because towards the end of the christmas holidays, I felt that the knowledge was finally starting to sink in. However, lots more work would have always been helpful though.

I didn't really know what to expect I would get in chemistry but I definitely did not think that I would do this badly in it, as I felt fairly confident about the exam after I had completed it. I was obviously very wrong about how well I thought I would do. I don't think that it was my lack of knowledge that caused me to do badly, as I felt fairly on top of the topic, but I think it was understanding specifically what the questions were asking that caused me to do badly.

Either way, I will be retaking both of these exams in the summer. These results were poor, however it has taught me a lesson of how much work I need to do for the summer exams.
To make sure I put in this effort, I am going to try and push myself, mainly by cutting out on a lot of my leisure time that I take way too much of at the moment.

On another matter, in relation to my last blog post, I am now a little bit unsure of what I said in that, feeling that may be not doing the right thing. But in all honesty, I don't really know what to do about that..
Things like that are tricky.

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