Monday, 18 March 2013

Party times!

This weekend I went to a friends 19th birthday party. To say the least, it was pretty fucking messy. I was such a bad drunk, but I guess at least remember the night this time.
Pretty much it was a good night, up till later on in the night, when I threw up over the carpet..right by the toilet that was apparently not being used. Finding out in the morning that the toilet was free at that point was rather shameful.
A little while later I broke down completely when talking to my long time crush (who I've mentioned in a fair few of my last post) and explaining my feelings for them. I'm ashamed of myself for this, not because I discussed such things, but because I allowed myself to be so weak. I am normally much stronger than this but I allowed myself to be weak in this case.

This is a photo of me and her from the night. Honestly neither of us are looking very attractive, but then again, who does when your drunk?

To do her justice, this is another picture of her from the night, and I have to say she looks pretty beautiful in it.

The first part of the night was fun, with everyone chatting and drinking, taking photos; the kind of thing you'd expect. but then as I said, I broke. I wouldn't say this made it a bad party for me per se, it was a great party!

My weekend started off on saturday meeting a friend in town then going back to their house. For most of the time I was there, we jammed together and played about with the delay pedal he had brought that day. The sounds we could get out of it were brilliant. From there, I went home and packed up things that I would need and headed off to the party.

One of the best things about the weekend though was that I won myself a half stack guitar amplifier on friday off ebay. It cost me £145 which in terms of amps and speaker cabinets of that size is a pretty good price I'm probably going to sell my current amp for about the same price so that means that it will be even cheaper to get! The main reason I decided to bid on it was the price. Frankly I wouldn't want to miss out on such an opportunity! The second reason was a different tone to my current amp. As much as I like it, it's just not very versatile. It has very warm clean tones, which aren't bad at all, and then the distortion has a lot of low-end to it. The distortion isn't that great, but I would say that it is much better than a lot of amps at the same price range. The trouble is that those are the only two good tones it has to offer, there is no intermediate, no rock tones, just metal and clean. I hope with this new amp, I should be able to get a variety of different tones, so it should be exciting to play around with it!

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