Sunday, 20 January 2013

Good times!

So, the last couple of days (thursday, friday and today specifically) have been bloody awesome! I can't remember if i've blogged about it or not, but pretty much, over the last past month or so i've been rather solitary, not really getting out into town and meeting people much. I may have told you this in person depending on who you are. It's been a little irritating, as usually i'm quite socially active, meeting friends in town most weekends however I slacked off on this to  spend more time on revising and such things for my January exams.

On thursday, I went to the youth centre that I usually go to, where a couple of bands that I know practice and generally, a big group of people hang out there. I hung about in town a couple of hours before this with some friends, waiting for the centre to open. Later on, when it opened, I hung around there and chatted to people, played a couple of games of pool. Then I went upstairs to the band practice rooms and hung out with a band that was playing there that night. Well I say playing, but they weren't really doing that much, as their rhythm guitarist was taking a break from the band due to upcoming exams. So we were pretty much hanging around in their practice room, listening to music through the PA system and having a good ol' mosh! A little later, before the centre closed for the night, I did some modeling for a friend of mine, as they needed some material to draw for their artwork at college. The pictures generally revolved around lighting, and shadows and it generally was  the best time to take pictures as it was dark outside. I'm not sure whether those pictures are going to be actually used or not, but I shall see I guess.
I headed home after this, and went on facebook. Soon after I arrived back, a couple of friends of mine requested that I talk to them on skype, and I ended up talking to them and a couple of other people from about 10 o'clock till probably 1:30 in the morning, which wasn't the best of ideas considering I had to be up at 7 for a full day of college in next morning, but I decided to keep talking and suffer the consequences as it was great fun talking to those people, it really did pass the evening quite quickly!

However; when I was woken up in the morning by my alarm, and I had my usual five minute lie in, my dad came into my room announcing that college was cancelled due to the snow! I was pretty pleased by this, and celebrated by going back to sleep till around 11 o'clock. I woke up slowly, and went through the usual morning procedures, then was quite lazy for the rest of the day. I did try to make plans to go into town, and meet people in town, but I didn't really get round to it and also accidentally missed out on an opportunity to do so. Anyway, later that night, the same friends as last night asked that I contact them on skype again, and I gladly did! We ended up talking with various different people joining the conversation at points in the night, and talked for an even longer period of time compared to the previous evening. It totaled to about 8 hours or so, which I would say is rather impressive amount of time. I think we finished talking at around 2:30 or some time, mainly because everyone was tired.

The next day, I awoke at roughly the same time. I would have probably slept longer, but my parents wanted me to get up. My dad had made me an awesome cooked breakfast of bacon, scrambled eggs and black pudding; it was delicious! but anyway, I walked into town at around two o'clock, it was quite icy and slippery but hey, that's what you would expect in cold weather. I hung around like any other day, milled about, went in a couple of shops, chatted; the usual. The people I was with didn't really want to go and play around in the snow, which I found rather disappointing as I hadn't been out in the snow until then. A while later, they went off and I was left with a decision of either walking home, or seeing if another friend is about. I took the other option and texted a friend to see if they were busy. They said that they were not and enthusiastically told me that I should meet them and play around in the snow with them! This was awesome, as I didn't particularly want to go home yet, that person got to get out of their house to meet somebody and because I was meaning to catch up with them at some point anyway! Soon, we were wandering through town and eventually got to a surprisingly snow-filled park. I was expecting that it would be very slushy and messed up, as it was the closest park to town, but the snow was fairly fresh. We trudged around in the snow, destroyed a couple of balls of snow and also pushed two into the river, which I am fairly proud of, as we finished the job for the others that clearly gave up on doing so themselves! This was good fun, but not as much as the other thing we did. In the river, there were a load of ducks, and I decided to throw a snow ball or two close to them. They had a surprising reaction; they seemed to go towards it, assuming it was food of some sort. So pretty much, for about half an hour, we were throwing snowballs into the water with the only objective to disappoint some ducks. I really don't know how this kept us entertained, but it did. Sad eh?
After this, we went into the children's playpark and hung around there for a little while before heading off into town again. We dropped off at Mcdonalds, as my friend wanted to grab some food, so we sat on a bench for a while, eating, chatting, and observing the passing chavs. By now, at around 6:30 ish, it was quite cold, and my friend was especially cold as they were stupid enough to bring fingerless gloves with them... So we hugged goodbye and headed home.

When I arrived back, at around seven o'clock, my mum surprised me by suggesting that we go out and have a meal at a restaurant or pub of some sort. She had mentioned this to me quite recently, but I had completely forgotten about it. After about half an hour we (me, mum and dad) drove into town and parked the car. We then walked to the restaurant, a fairly small thai curryhouse. We had pretty good food there, I ordered a green chili pork curry, my mum had a pad thai (noodle based dish) and my dad had a braised beef steak. These main courses were great, but I feel that the desserts were the best; my mum had a sticky rice dish cooked in coconut milk, my dad had a similar one, with the addition of banana to it, and I had something completely different. I ordered a custard dish, it was cooked in some way or another, I can't remember how specifically, but it was pretty much like a solid square lump of custard made of an oriental ingredient called taro (I think that is what is was). It had a texture similar to jelly, except it was a slight bit more solid. It tasted divine. As delicious as the other dishes were, I personally think that my dish blew both other desserts out of the water, it won by miles in terms of presentation and taste.

After this wonderful treat, We got home at around 10, and I relaxed for a while and began to start writing this blog while listening to porcupine tree (an amazing prog rock band, you should give them a listen at some point) when those same friends I had skyped for the past two nights struck for a third time in a row! I was considering joining them later, and finishing my blog post, but they convinced me when they said that they were discussing the human centipede. This time, we also had video working as well, and we talked from about eleven o'clock till about 1:30 in the morning. In this space of time, I and another person in the conversation did the cinnamon challenge, and another person that was part of the conversation attempted to do the cinnamon challenge but then realized after doing it, that they had used cumin. This was hilarious.
And now, I'm finishing my blog post in the early hours of the morning.

All in all, it's been an awesome couple of days! Mostly orientated around my social life, and regaining it a little bit. On a side note, just to give you some numbers, I can say that I have spend a total of almost 17 hours in three days on skype to two people, with other people joining at random intervals. Time well spent I must say!

To end this post, here is a gallery of relevant pictures:

My cat being rather confused in the snow 
The view of my back garden in the snow
A rather shitty, pointless picture of the park we hung out in
The confused ducks!
The massive snowball!

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