Tuesday, 15 January 2013

When you finish..for the moment

For me, just about all my January exams are over now, since yesterday.
Well I have general studies on Thursday, but that is a general knowledge course that I don't especially care about and you don't need to revise for.
I've had a small amount of exams in comparison to some people, all i've had is maths and chemistry, whereas some people have had exams in all the subjects they study. In a sense, I'm fairly lucky, as I think the revision stress has been much less for me.

But anyway, I the two exams I had went overall okay, but then individually they went well, then incredibly shit. I found the chemistry exam surprisingly easy (to an extent) as the questions were fairly straightforward, they didn't phrase them oddly or do many questions where you would have to combine knowledge that you know. And in the last week before that exam I had done a fair bit of revision of formulae and definitions of things. So that was chemistry, it was fairly nice and I'm quite positive about it!

Maths however, is almost a polar opposite; as I said above, it went absolutely shit. This wasn't entirety because of me, as many people who sat the same test also found it pretty tricky. To quote a fairly clever friend of mine "It's the hardest paper they've ever set". So yeah, the exam and questions within it were fairly tricky in comparison to past papers. This was not my only problem though..
During the holiday I had found that most of the maths I struggled at for most of the term suddenly clicked and I was feeling quite confident about the exam. About a week or so before the maths exam, I stopped maths revision completely, as I felt I should focus more on chemistry as I had that exam first. I think this short break completely messed my knowledge up, and a few days before the exam, I really wasn't feeling too happy about what maths I knew. But either way, I don't think this would have changed anything, as the difficulty of the exam would probably still ruin it for me.

Whatever results I've got, I feel that these exams have taught me exam techniques and how much revision is needed, and in the end, I'm not stressing out about the results; I can retake them in the summer if needs be.

If any of you reading have had exams over the last two weeks, or have tests coming up; good luck with results/the exam!

But anyway, I wanted to write about the period after exams.. so I shall extend my post.
The after exam period is usually a very lazy, self congratulating and/or time when you allow yourself to be lazy, even if you haven't really earned it. With the January exams, this isn't a good thing, as you start learning new topics for the summer exams pretty much as soon as you finish that particular subject's test. This is understandable, as there isn't that much time before the summer. Anyway, yeah, your probably having a good time relaxing after the exams you just finished, take advantage of it while you can!

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