Friday, 23 November 2012


So, I meant to wait a couple of days, and get a little more inspiration for what the subject for my next post should be, but I felt an update was in need. I felt that my last post is a little incorrect now, as I eventually got round to fiddling around a bit, learning how personalize my page. This means my claims of my blog being in poor form are now wrong, as I kinda feel that it looks pretty cool now! I do feel that it's a shame that the headphones break up  I'll admit, it took a while to figure out how to change it..and even the help of a fellow blogger didn't help, but I managed it! If you like, share your thoughts about it with me. 

However the point about grammatical errors still stands, but it's to be expected from typing an long piece of writing on a phone. That shouldn't be too much of an issue though, as I expect that i'll be writing almost all of my posts when i'm sat down at my computer. And also, a benefit of writing in on my computer, is that i can add in relevant pictures when I feel like it, which I feel is a cool addition, more for the audience of my posts than me though, as it can serve to explain what i'm talking about in a visual manner. 
As I haven't really wrote anything on a particular subject in this post, this has turned out rather like a personal news article, so I feel I should do a bit of 'proper' writing. To keep it simple, I think I might just describe a bit of my day. Nothing major really happened, but in the end, everyone's lives and daily routines are different, so  this may turn out as an interesting read!

So, I woke up this morning, surprisingly awake! I tend to be very tired in the mornings due to pretty much unending late nights (It's rare for me to go to bed any time before 12 am)  and then i'll have a shower and it will wake my mind up. I feel quite lucky in this way, as from what other people say, it seems many people find the tiredness lingers with them till late in the day, around lunch time.
Anyway, back to my story.. so I got up, and had a shower, even if it was a unnecessary to combat my fatigue. Then I got out of the shower, and followed the usual school-day routine of getting dressed, packing my bag etc. 
I left the house and got driven in, arriving in tutor about one minute late, as per usual and so the day at my 6th form began.
It is friday today. I wouldn't say I hate fridays, but i'd definitely go as far as saying I dislike them with a passion. This is because they are my most filled day of a school week; on every other day, I have at least one free period during the day, but fridays are jam packed with lessons, and in combination with the fact that on fridays a massive amount of fatigue usually hits me and persists till around 1 o'clock, it leaves me with one lesson that I am fully awake in. I find this disappointing, as i'm there to learn, so I should make the most of my time! But either way, however annoying fridays can be, they also signify the weekend..and a lie in! So that fact alone outweighs all the irritating factors of friday.

I feel that this is enough writing really, I feel I have written enough creative writing and posted some news about the blog.
Also, interestingly it seems out of the chaos that I have written this in, I found a proper subject for my writing, so I feel that I have actually achieved something :)

I still have not corrected my 'about me' panel though (for those who haven't seen the mistake, I have repeated myself a little) but I shall correct it in the future.

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