Thursday, 22 November 2012

First post!

Well, this is the first post of my blog and if I'm honest, I have no clue how to use this past Making a post  but anyhow, here we go!
So yeah, excuse the page, It's a mess, as I mentioned above, I have no clue how to use this website, so have struggled to personalise my page.
So anyway, I think I will explain why I started this blog up. The idea came to me about a week ago, I have a friend who writes a blog, and i've been following that for about a month or two, and I found it interesting, and I enjoy spontaneous writing, if I get into it.
When I was talking to that person, they mentioned about it opening them up, showing people what they were like (they are naturally quite a closed person). Me, being a generally shy person and sometimes withdrawn (depending on who I'm with), felt this would be a useful tool, in making new friendships. Because I am fine when talking to old friends, however things become much harder when talking to people I don't know. It all depends on their personality; if they themselves do not interact much, without stimulus from me, I can find it hard to get to know them. And this is generally the way a lot of people are, but if people are quite open and friendly, and interact on their own initiative, then I find it much easier to get to know them. Anyway, to link these rambling words..blogs can be a way to get others more interested in you, so they are more inclined to start the conversation rather than you. Well, that was a rather long winded explanation..
Oh yes, another reason! Well I am studying English literature for A level, so I feel that writing an occasional post Will help my writing skills.
And another reason! Well, in a sense, a blog is like a diary, or a picture book, you look back on it the next year, and reflect (usually by saying "urgh, I dislike my past self" ! ) so yeah, a blog can be a way of storing up a peice of information about your past, to review at a later date.
I should probably stop writing now.. I expect this has bored you to death. I hope that my future posts are more interesting!

P.s. if you noticed any grammatical errors, I wrote this on my phone, 'on the fly' as you would call it, so it won't be perfect. Ah well, that just means it'll suit the current state of my profile :)

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