Sunday, 17 January 2016

Busy times

Things have been rather quiet lately, as we've been coming to the end of our current course modules. I had my last bit of work on Monday, a practical live sound assessment that involved soundchecking and mixing a band performing a couple of songs. For my groups test we happened to have my flatmates course band performing, which I was pretty happy about as I knew I'd be working with a good vocalist. 

Other than one module which we study throughout the year, that is all our work finished for the moment! On the subject of that module, 'repertoire & music production', I accidentally missed our Wednesday lecture after falling asleep after my alarm went off. It was a little ironic that our Thursday tutorial was then cancelled as my lecturer was ill..

With uni things aside, I've been fairly busy since I've got back, organising things like recording sessions but most excitingly securing a house to move to next year!
With one of my flatmates sadly returning to Germany next year, and another moving into a house with some of her coursemates & some of our other friends staying in halls, the rest of our flat are joining one of our friends in an 8 bedroom house, along with two of their coursemates and their friends. 
We looked around a couple of properties on Tuesday and decided we would take one of the ones we had seen that day. It's a nice place, with large enough bedrooms, enough toilets & bathrooms, a  decent sized kitchen/living area & also is in a prime location! A 10-15 minute walk to the city center & uni, and only around the block from where our flatmate will be living!

It's probably going to be a little weird moving into a house with 8 people, but it surely can't be that different to living where I currently am? Either way, I look forward to it!

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