Monday, 5 August 2013

A busy summer

I once again haven't posted in a while, but i'm not too bothered anymore, as I think that the days of making regular blog posts are over for me, I sadly don't seem to have the effort anymore. I thought i'd write a post now though as i've been doing quite a lot of things lately, and I think I should document them.

Firstly I will mention my new guitar that I brought. I posted a thread on a guitar that I use often, reviewing it and putting up pictures, here is the link to that thread:

It is my second electric guitar, I brought it off used off gumtree for £170, about half the price it would be new. The previous owner had it for 3 years and it is in pretty good condition considering its age. Besides, dents and scratches aren't always bad, many guitarists look on them with pride as 'battle scars'.
I brought it as I needed another guitar to keep it low tunings like drop C and drop B as generally it's not possible to keep changing your tuning from standard to one that low without messing up your strings and it also requires a lot of work changing the setup.
It is a Schecter Omen Extreme. I'm not going to bother including many details here, if you want technical knowledge, look at the post I made on the forum.

I like the guitar so far, it's a little different from my current one as it has a fatter neck and is a little longer. I will soon become accustomed to it though. In terms of sound, it's fine, but nothing special. This is typical of a guitar in this price range, so I didn't expect the pickups to be particularly good. They can always be upgraded in the future though.

A picture of all my guitars together, in front of my amp

I will now talk about other things, specifically parties, which have been fairly abundant over the last few weeks.
As I mentioned in my last blog post, most of what I have been doing of late has been is meeting friends in town. Parties have also been on then agenda; in the last two weeks i've been to three parties, which for me is a pretty decent number. The latest one was a few weeks ago, I had a campout in a field connected to the house I will eventually live in. Nine people came, all but one of them I have known for at least one to two years. One person was someone that had went to my secondary school, and the rest were friends that I had got to know through other friends. The people people that came to this party were most of the close friends I have at the moment.

I have put off finishing this post for a few weeks now, so I feel that I should get it over and done with. My next post will most likely be about the two weeks work experience at a recording studio that I completed last weekend.

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