Saturday, 29 June 2013

Back at it!

I have put off writing in my blog for far too long, despite the fact i've had quite a lot of free time recently, now that my exams have finished, since three weeks ago. I have still been going to college though, as we are supposedly starting studying for our A2 exams next year, this is far from what has occurred.

For most of the time I have been at college for the last few weeks, it's been way too relaxed for it to be beneficial in the long run. There has been a minimal amount of homework set, which makes up for a fairly major amount of learning time, and the worst part is the lack of encouragement by the teachers, they aren't too bothered how you interact in the lessons or even if you skip lessons.
However some lessons have been useful, for instance in my english literature classes we have begun looking at gothic literature, which is the topic we are studying for A2. We have not properly started on the texts yet, but have been looking at the traditions of the genre. This is mainly because they know we will forget a lot of what we learn over these last few weeks of term-time, so therefore do not properly start teaching us. This applies to all lessons I have had really.
I could go on for a while detailing what has happened at college, but frankly it's not very interesting either to read or write, so i'm going to move on from that topic.

I find the main irritating part of this gap between exams and the summer holidays is that it's a compromise. I understand why they have chosen to be so relaxed about these last few weeks, because most people would be very unhappy were they to put us straight back into the standard college routine, and I would too. However it would still be a good use of time.
On the other hand, they could have chosen to end really early, which I wouldn't be complaining about. I just find it so annoying how they use up time in such a bad way, that could be used as quality relaxation time, or good work time.
I finish next friday though, so it will soon be over for the summer!

I feel I should fill in on what has been happening lately due to my lack of writing. College has been taking up most of my time, but in between that I have been attempting to regain my social life after a month or more of abstaining from meeting friends, to give me time to attempt to get down to revision. That's been my aim at least, last weekend was the only actual time I managed to meet people, because the previous weekend I went to a university open day at Bournemouth. It was my first day, and I looked around mainly to get an insight into the course I am interested. I also went to an exhibition the next friday, where the finishing students were displaying their work and I found this more of an insight to the course than the open day, so I am glad that I dropped by.
Other than this open day, last weekend I went to a friends 16th birthday party and had a great time. It was a great party, I stayed awake for most of the night, and only slept around 7 in the morning for a couple of hours. Some parts of the party were a little surprising, the main thing being that nothing went wrong and there were about 25 or so people there, which in my mind, can easily spell disaster.
I also went into town and met a bunch of different friends on thursday which was great, as I had a catchup with some people that I haven't seen for a fair while. The only complaint I had about this day was that I had to go back to college today!

Seeing as I wrote this partially because of how long ago I last posted on here, this has been very disorganized, so hopefully if I can get back into a routine (which I should do seeing as I have the time now!) I will make my writing a little more organized.

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